Maximum Viable Contempt


The Chronicle of Philanthropy is at it again, fawning over a flavor of the month. Now it’s ” … a new management approach popular in Silicon Valley known as ‘lean start-up.’ The principles, which are increasingly popular among nonprofits, emphasize experimentation ….” The Chron’s handy “Glossary of Terms for a Hot New Management Approach” includes:

Minimum Viable Product
An early version of a product or service that may be lacking some features. This approach allows an organization to obtain feedback from clients and quickly determine the usefulness of a product or service and how to improve it.

Oh, great. Ever try to get on a health exchange? Ever use Windows 7? Ever use iTunes across devices more than two years old? I propose a “Glossary of Terms for a Haughty New Management Approach” that has one entry:

Maximum Viable Contempt
Throw out a half-baked app or system and the suckers will do your work for you.

Hey, non-profit people, it works for Silicon Valley! Let’s keep copying!

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