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Mr. Kelley has worked with civil society organizations / CSOs in the global South since 1991. He is the author, in Spanish, of Más Dinero para su Causa. The first edition was the first book written in Spanish for Latin American CSOs about fundraising and governance.

Changes in the Charitable Deduction Don’t Have to Mean Losses for Charities

Brian Mittendorf  has a nicely written article with an important message at, March 13. The above title summarizes it. I like the idea of a tax credit, instead of a deduction, for charitable contributions. It would have to be revenue-neutral for starters, because of the politics of it. But it would indeed create more of […]

Giving in Latin America: a question of culture

Giving in Latin America: a question of culture Daniel Kelley Why don’t Latin Americans make donations? After all, the continent now has a large formal civil society and its wealth has increased. The answer is partly to be found in the history of a region that has always looked to its hierarchies for the solutions […]

It’s the Economy of Salvation, Stupid

Some Thoughts on Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium Daniel Q. Kelley, December 2013 Pope Francis is mad. He’s attacking capitalism. He’s out of his element! He’s a Marxist! No wonder he doesn’t stick to Latin, laws, and loyalty to Rome! He’s a Jesuit, for chrissakes! Actually, his latest major work, Evangelii Gaudium, isn’t a condemnation of […]

Can You Spare a Dime for Poor Old Chuck Schwab?

11/21/2013 Donor Advised Funds are a nifty way for someone else to donate your tax dollars to Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, et al.  A donor contributes to a DAF. The administrator scoops some money off the top. Where does that fee come from? From the income tax savings realized by the donor. Because they pay less in […]

Historia de la Solidaridad, Parte 4

Ahora En el siglo actual, la convergencia entre Norte y Sur ha continuado. Este es claramente el caso en el fundraising. La región tiene miles de verdaderos profesionales que comparten las técnicas de sus colegas en el Norte y que podrían darles algunas lecciones, sobre todo en cómo conseguir donativos provenientes de hogares de bajos ingresos y cómo […]