AFF Receives Grant from USAID

(Washington, April 11, 2006) The United States Agency for International Development / USAID has awarded a $125,000 grant to Alliance for the Family / AFF, a client of the Global Fund, for evaluating the impact of values education on young children in Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. The project includes a 3-year demonstration of a comprehensive way to teach children values and foster virtues, especially those that underpin democratic behaviors. The new program in question, Aprendiendo a Querer / AaQ —“Learning to Cherish”— centers on a series of 12 books that present a continuous story about a group of children who confront a series of situations of universal application as they grow up. For three years, thirteen thousand children aged eight to eleven will follow the course during school hours. Using the telephone and internet, they will periodically report on what they have learned, how they put it into practice, and how they rate the texts and instruction. These electronic reports—a new way of collecting data from young children in developing countries—will help AFF evaluate the degree to which the course affects behaviors. The Latin American Alliance for the Family (Caracas), which developed the course, will provide teacher training. Having advised on the project’s design, the Washington-based Global Fund will be a management consultant to the program. Two firms, Performance Results and Voxiva, will assist with the evaluations and data collection, respectively. Financial partners are the Alberto Vollmer Foundation and USAID’s Global Development Alliance.


In January, Daniel Kelley was a participant in the The Third Hemispheric Congress on Fundraising-Latin America in Mexico City.

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