AFF Receives Grant from Templeton Foundation

(October 13, 2006) Global Fund’s client, the Alliance for the Family / AFF, was awarded a grant in the amount of $48,000 by Templeton Foundation this week for a program called Learning to Cherish (LtC). The program will increase and measure young children’s assimilation of universal values–such as self-discipline, honesty, compassion, respect, friendship, team work, and family cooperation–that underpin democratic virtues and behaviors. Implemented in schools throughout Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela for a period of three years, the program targets 13,000 children between the ages of 8 and 11. These children will be taught basic skills based on universal virtues and values such as responsibility, self esteem, self control and community support intended to stimulate democratic behaviors. Using the telephone and Internet, the children will periodically report on what they have learned, how they put it into practice, and how they rate the texts and instruction. These electronic reports-a new way of collecting data from young children in developing countries-will help AFF evaluate the degree to which the course affects behaviors.

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