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Global Fund

Procura uma causa nobre?

Procura uma causa nobre?
Put into practice the social thought of John Paul II and Francis

The Global Fund focuses on organizations in developing countries that follow the social thought of John Paul II and Francis: they work hand in hand with the needy, respecting their dignity, dreams, and efforts. Good causes that teach and heal. They must be well run, effective, and they must raise money in their own country.

You’re a donor interested in a different country or a different field of work?
We’ll look for a Cause that fits your criteria.

(English) Why Work with Us?

(English) Why Work with Us?
We Make it Simple
for You!

All around the world, donors are becoming more careful about whom they support. They want civil society organizations / CSOs to be trustworthy, organized, and good at what they do. We invite you to support one of the Good Causes we've already discovered ... or we'll work with you to find the one that you're looking for.

But why should you work with us?

  • Our niche: The Global Fund specializes in CSOs in developing countries that put into practice the social thought of John Paul II as developed by Francis. Our Causes focus on the needy and the otherwise excluded.
  • Screening: The prospective grantees come recommended for their good governance and effectiveness.
  • Tax deductibility: On their US tax return, a donor cannot deduct contributions made directly to a foreign CSO unless he or she undergoes a complicated process of proving that the recipient is equivalent to a US 501(c)3 corporation. On the other hand, contributions to the Global Fund, which is a
    501(c) 3, are deductible to the full extent of the law.