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Mr. Kelley has worked with civil society organizations / CSOs in the global South since 1991. He is the author, in Spanish, of Más Dinero para su Causa. The first edition was the first book written in Spanish for Latin American CSOs about fundraising and governance.

Welcome To The New Catholic Cafeteria

Welcome to The New Catholic Cafeteria. May I suggest starting with The Sacramental Salad Bar? We all love Baptismal-Being Beans or we wouldn’t be here in the first place. Bring some home to the kids. Or not … It’s up to you. There’s Swamp Cabbage Confession. If it’s not your thing, try the Matrimony Mushrooms […]

Francis And The Communist Cross Of Evo Morales

In Bolivia, the would-be dictator, President Evo Morales, gave Pope Francis a carving that represents Jesus crucified, as it were, on the symbol of communism, the hammer and sickle. People inside and outside of Bolivia have criticized him for accepting the gift, as if his action were an endorsement of … what? Communism? That’s ridiculous. […]

Francis on Impact Investing

The buzz-phrase impact investment admits of different definitions. Some people use it in a very vague way: it would be any investment that benefits poor people. On June 16, 2014 Pope Francis, addressing a conference of investors and those who study them, described it more specifically as an attempt to: … promote the economic and social […]

So-called “Effective Philanthropy”

Our rejection of so-called “effective philanthropy” is nuanced. We think it a mistake to make decisions based on a short-term view and based on metrics that can’t measure the immeasurable, such as the impact of a given education on a given child. At the same time, good data, such as financial data, inform our decisions. […]

Maximum Viable Contempt

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is at it again, fawning over a flavor of the month. Now it’s ” … a new management approach popular in Silicon Valley known as ‘lean start-up.’ The principles, which are increasingly popular among nonprofits, emphasize experimentation ….” The Chron’s handy “Glossary of Terms for a Hot New Management Approach” includes: […]