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Daniel Q. Kelley has worked with civil society organizations in the global South since 1991. He is the author, in Spanish, of Más Dinero para su Causa.

Your Gas Tax Dollars at Work

PDVSA’s social focus sets it apart from most oil companies, which try to maximize output and profits. Even most state-run oil companies, which tend to have bloated payrolls, try to mimic private-sector efficiency and focus entirely on the oil business. PDVSA’s shift recalls the role that Mexico’s state firm Pemex played for decades in trying […]

Global Returns to Africa

(July 19, 2006) After several years of absence, the Global Fund has recently worked with African clients to design a project and help with fund development. This time, in collaboration with Alliance for the Family, the Fund held meetings in the mid-way city of Rome with the African Family Life Federation, based on the island of […]

México, a la Cabeza …

CIUDAD DEL VATICANO/MÉXICO D.F., jueves, 13 julio 2006 (–El Observador).- México es el país de América Latina que más ayuda económicamente a la labor de la Iglesia universal. De acuerdo con el informe económico presentado esta semana por la Prefectura de Asuntos Económicos de la Santa Sede –que preside el cardenal Sergio Sebastiani–, la aportación […]

Giving Charity a Good Name

7/18/2006   … This debate over charity and philanthropy is crucial for America’s foundations. A new and perhaps surprising figure entered the debate in January, when Pope Benedict XVI issued his first encyclical, Deus caritas est (“God is love”), and insisted that there is no substitute for charity—for the direct, personal involvement of individuals and […]

Concurso sobre Transparencia

Concurso del programa de pequeñas donaciones del Banco Mundial Bajo el nombre de “Promoviendo la Transparencia”, el Banco Mundial abre la última fecha para el concurso de proyectos que cuenta con 90.000 dólares para financiar iniciativas de organizaciones de la sociedad civil de Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay que presenten ideas innovadoras y fomenten la participación […]