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Daniel Q. Kelley has worked with civil society organizations in the global South since 1991. He is the author, in Spanish, of Más Dinero para su Causa.

Measuring Corporate Giving

By: Maria Nardell, onPhilanthropy, 11/29/06 … First of all, it is a challenge to develop a method of benchmarking second-grade reading improvements and translating that output (e.g., the number of students who pass a reading diagnostic test) into terms equivalent to the given input (e.g., volunteer time). Second, even if such a formula were devised, […]

Good Habits and Great Fundraising Boards

10/23/2006   Interview By: Kathleen Brennan, 10/11/06 Jerold Panas is author of The Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Boards: A 59-Minute Guide to Assuring Your Organization’s Success. The book is available …If you had to single out, say, the top two habits that would carry an organization the furthest, what would they be? Hmm, […]

Russian Law Puts Foreign AID Groups in Limbo

 By GUY CHAZAN, WSJ, October 19, 2006; Page A6 MOSCOW — Hundreds of foreign human-rights groups and other organizations operating in Russia may have to suspend operations because they are entangled in red tape from a controversial new law. A law passed earlier this year required all such outside organizations to reregister with the government. The law vastly […]

AFF Receives Grant from Templeton Foundation

(October 13, 2006) Global Fund’s client, the Alliance for the Family / AFF, was awarded a grant in the amount of $48,000 by Templeton Foundation this week for a program called Learning to Cherish (LtC). The program will increase and measure young children’s assimilation of universal values–such as self-discipline, honesty, compassion, respect, friendship, team work, […]

Foundation Giving Exceeds $33 Billion in 2005

8/8/2006   (Aug. 7, 2006) Buoyed by the establishment of new foundations, a slowly growing economy and support for relief efforts for the Southeast Asia tsunami and Gulf Coast hurricanes, giving by U.S. foundations increased to an estimated $33.8 billion in 2005, according to a new report. Foundation Yearbook 2006, produced by the New York-based […]