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Foundation Giving Exceeds $33 Billion in 2005

8/8/2006   (Aug. 7, 2006) Buoyed by the establishment of new foundations, a slowly growing economy and support for relief efforts for the Southeast Asia tsunami and Gulf Coast hurricanes, giving by U.S. foundations increased to an estimated $33.8 billion in 2005, according to a new report. Foundation Yearbook 2006, produced by the New York-based […]

Your Gas Tax Dollars at Work

PDVSA’s social focus sets it apart from most oil companies, which try to maximize output and profits. Even most state-run oil companies, which tend to have bloated payrolls, try to mimic private-sector efficiency and focus entirely on the oil business. PDVSA’s shift recalls the role that Mexico’s state firm Pemex played for decades in trying […]