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White Man’s Burden

William Easterly, author of The White Man’s Burden: Why The West’s Efforts To Aid The Rest Have Done So Much Ill And So Little Good, has added his voice to the growing demand for independent evaluation of foreign aid. … Easterly said … that development assistance lacks CIAO: Customer feedback, Incentives, Accountability, and, therefore, good Outcomes. The […]

International Conference on Fundraising,

Alexandria,  VA,  United States,  December 5, 2005  — (Alexandria, VA) – Nearly 4,000 fundraisers from 20 different countries are expected to attend the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (AFP) International Conference on Fundraising, the largest gathering of professional fundraisers in the world, held April 2-5,2006, at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta. 

European funders and Latin America

… Marcos Kisil, from IDIS, argued that knowing how investments were being made was even more important than knowing how much was being invested. ‘In Latin America, there is a tradition of charity, rather than of social investment by the private sector,’ he said. ‘The issue is how much actually goes into social transformation, instead […]